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The "Seed" is ....the thought, the idea, the vision,....the Word planted in the heart.........

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Sunday and me in front of Monet's pink house in Giverny.


I grew up in Hatboro, Penna in an area that was rich in flora and fauna. I love to paint the beauty I see around me.

Training: I finally got my BA in Fine Arts, after many years of stops and starts (bringing up children and working) at the Phila. College of Art , the College of NJ, Mercer County Community College and Edison State College. Edison pulled it all together.

Favorite Artists: My mother painted when I was a child she was my inspiration. Monet, Cassatt, Cezanne, Henry Tanner, Paul Klee, Makoto Fujimura, Ava Flatcher are beloved.

Favorite Music: (What I listen to changes a lot but I do listen when I work indoors.) John Michael Talbot, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Nicole C Mullin, Keith Green, Sara Groves, Ruth Naomi Floyd, the Messiah. that's classical, Christian pop and jazz. I have been exposed to a wide variety of influences. Also love expressions of worship from different eras and cultures! There is such variety in life.
Passions: Children and family but that does not mean that I am a "right winger", reconciliation of many kinds: people to God(2 Corinthians 5:18-20)and to one another, especially in the body of Christ, and people to Holy living and care for the earth that we live on and that does not mean I am a "left winger". The Lausanne Movement's Cape Town Commitment declares, "We are also commanded to care for the earth and all its creatures, because the earth belongs to God, not to us."(Psalm 24:1)Think meadows and streams, the sea, beautiful countryside, flowers, birds. If our human activities make the earth a desolate place, what will life be like for our children and other people's children?. (see Creation Care)


Media: Usually watercolor and pen or pencil. I also use colored pencils and computer.
Style(s): I am a realist but not "tight", I paint impressionistic, loose watercolors
The postcards have a more post modern abstract city feel.
Primary Subject(s): Changing Seasons, Flowers, delicate passing moments of beauty and people and abstracts inspired by scripture and life.


I grew up in the suburbs and went to the Phila. College of Art for a time, then got married, and in the 60's, moved into a very different inner city world. During my child rearing years I went back to PCA for a 2nd year, then finished school at the College of New Jersey and Mercer County Community College when my children were in college. I cannot so much as see a leaf without remembering how God used my awe of the beauty of nature to make me wonder about why and how and for whom this world came to be. I don't believe that it is all accidental. I have wanted to serve the Creator with my art so I have done Graphics arts, paintings, book covers, magazine covers, cards and displays for Christian organizations with quite a bit of satisfaction. I have also done art with and for children. My paintings of people are sometimes of mothers and children of various races. One thing I learned abut God as a child was that he loved diversity. My flowers are done for joy in their beauty which is calling out to us in everyday life and are a sudden reminder that we are not alone. As Jesus said "consider the lilies...how they grow...will not God much more care for you?" And I know from experience that he cares for me. The postcards I hope, give a similar message to a more urban audience. "You matter. You can choose a life worth living with God. He cares for you. Have faith in Him. Find Him

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