Princeton, New Jersey
Nancy Watson, Artist

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Some of the most delicate and lovely flowers in my estimation are in the iris family, ranging from the blue flag that is native to the NJ wetlands to the highly cultivated garden varieties. Most of them usually bloom in May. The Siberian Iris is a hardy variety, similar in appearance to the smaller wild flag except that they are brighter and have narrower leaves. I have some in my garden. They seem to float on long slender stems and are such an vibrant mauve. A larger purple iris grows next to my friends house. She has moved since I painted it but I always loved her flower gifts. We had yellow dutch iris, the purple bearded iris, day lilies, and tiger lilies in our garden at my childhood"home". Most lilies bloom in June and July. Tigers bloom in late July and early August. Each year the blooming of the iris and then the lilies adds loveliness and continuity to the pageant of life. Some things don't change much and I'm so glad.
The pastel water lilies were done from a photo taken when my daughter and I were at Monet's pond in Giverny, France in October years ago.

Iris and Lily cards

Purple iris

Siberian iris

White dutch iris with multi colored bearded varieties

Oriental Aubade lilies

Tiger lily

Water lilies

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