Princeton, New Jersey

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JAW postcards.....Postcards
Graymoor Ecumenical Interreligious Institute, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, 2013..... Art Poster
Kalinga, Woman Care.....Logo
Encore Studios.....Water color flowers
CLC Publications.....Book Covers, Magazine Ads
Mrs. Anne Marie Emory.....Large watercolor painting
Mrs. Sunday Herzog..... numerous Watercolor Paintings
Westerly Road Church..... very large painting used for Mission Conferences
Princeton Alliance Church..... Drawings of their building
Mr. Douglas Franks...... Large drawing representing his family and their heritage
Mrs. Martha Debardelaben..... Large Oil Seascape
New Covenant Evangelical Free Church..... Large Easter Painting


(This is not area that I have actively pursued.)
2011 Postcards used in art shows in Los Angeles
2011 Painting in Art show, Suzanne Patterson Center
1990 Painting exibited by "CLC Publications" at the "CBA convention"
1986 Projects included in the student Ad Design Show, "Trenton State College"
1960 Student painting show, "Philadelphia College of Art"
1959 "Philadelphia Academy of Music", 2nd place illustration for Musorsky's "Night on Bald Mountain"

Work published

2000 - 2013 "JAW postcards".....postcards
2013 "Graymoor Ecumenical Interreligious Institute" Artwork used for the 2013 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity,
2005, winter edition "InnerVoice"
2001 "Martha Stewart Weddings"....."Encore Studios" watercolor flowers
1997-2000 "CLC Publications" covers , magazine ads
1990, 1991 "Wec International".....Urbana brochure, "Thrust Magazine"


1989 Bachelor of Fine Arts, "Edison State College"