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I would like to share a message from "wild flowers". Jesus encouraged us to "Consider" the "lilies of the field", how they grow. "They neither toil nor spin and yet your heavenly Father clothes them. Not even Solomon in all his glory was dressed like one of them." Wildflowers add loveliness wherever they grow. Sometimes only the bees investigate their exquisite beauty. I like to walk in out of the way places where I see them and soon am inspired to remember their Maker. As housing developments spread over what used to be fields, will they all be considered weeds?
In the Caribbean islands hibiscus grows wild while Queen Anne's lace is a carefully cultivated garden plant. In the US the situation is reversed. Wild Queen Anne's lace blooms along the highway near NY City and all through PA. Turks cap and Cone flowers bloom wild in the South. Come Spring, in the city and country as well you will often see a daisy or a dandelion pushing its way through a crack in the sidewalk. What great tenacity as well as beauty exists in these tiny seeds!

All "Wild flower cards" are prints of original watercolors. Cards are printed on a quality watercolor paper suitable for collectibles or fine stationary. They can be purchased in a gift box, 10 cards for $15.95, or in packs of 4 cards for $7each.

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